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Teddy's Flowers is based in Potters Bar, Herts.


Hello! I am Tsvetana (Teddy) Stoeva, a Florist from Potters Bar.

Tsvetana means ‘flower’, so from infancy, for every birthday I received flowers. My first job when I arrived in England was working on a flower farm. The living natural world remains very important to me. I can accomodate most styles and tastes, but my preference is to allow the individual flowers and foliage to tell their own story, and influence me to create a unique arrangement.

Teddy’s Flowers is based in Potters Bar, Herts.

As well as providing floral gifts as a thank-you or for that special occasion, we also provide floral arrangements for weddings, funerals, parties and events. Teddy’s Flowers can even supply floral displays for your office or home.

We have some standard arrangements but believe every occasion is individual so please call us to discuss your individual needs.


Time, care and attention to detail, combined with a natural creative talent. No hesitation in recommending Teddy’s flowers.

Christopher, Client
James Carter

Lovely! My wife was happy to receive one the most amazing bouquets ever.

James Carter, TX
Alice Mason

Your flower compositions are great. Simple and elegant, just how I like them.

Alice Mason, NYC

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